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What is the usual outdoor setting to have dinner at night? Spending quality time with friends and family is a priceless event for any individual or family. Sometimes the day is not enough for people to catch up and exchange stories and experiences. Evening gathering is sometimes preferred because this is where most people are free and the environment is more relaxed compared with the day setting. However, spending time in the living room at night can be plain and uneventful for some people because it can be predictable. Another option was realized when people can bring the outdoor experience right at the comfort of their backyard or patio. The propane fire pit table is a great addition to every home’s overall accommodation and aesthetic value and it’s time to find out why.

Cool Outdoor Uniflame Propane Tile Gas Fire Pit Table

Improved Campfire Experience

Do you remember when you went out camping in the woods with your buddies? It is always an unforgettable experience, not just for young people, but also for adults as well. Trekking in the woods, fishing and campfire to highlight the night, are just some of the unforgettable experience for any individual. The outdoor propane fire pit table provides you the opportunity to experience that time in the night where you laughed and sang until the fire has ran out. But since the propane fire pit table is a product of technology, there are features that makes it an even better choice compared to going out in the woods nowadays. The idea of having a dinner outside while in front of a controlled fire is always an invitation that is hard to resist.

Shop For Propane Fire Pit Table

It is recommended to purchase a propane fire pit table and chairs not only to ensure harmony with the overall decorations of the dining set but also for convenient purposes. Here are the features of the propane fire pit table sets that are built to ensure safety, convenience and an unforgettable experience for all the people involved:

  • Mechanism – this type of fire pit table uses propane that is enclosed in a canister. A valve is present to regulate the fire being used thus giving full control of the heat distribution – a vital safety measure for every fire related activity. Compare the time it takes to create fire in the woods and this table will have a hands down advantage with a simple turn of the switch.


Propane Fire Pit Table With Yellow Green Cushion Chairs

  • Convenience – every household furniture requires a feature that will give convenience. When you purchase a set, you don’t need to arrange chairs with varying sizes that would somehow clutter around the table. The set will provide a chair that is adjacent to the height of the table thus giving convenience for every person seated.


  • Safety – the most important feature of the propane fire pit table. There are fire pit table that still used coal or wood to create fire. There will be instances that embers from the fire will spill out from its protective space and cause accidents or mix with the food that you display. The odor from a burning wood can also cause inconvenience from the people gathered around the table.

All About Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table Sets

Propane fire pit table comes in different designs that will suit every household. The installation process can be a bit complicated if there plenty of features included but the overall process can be very basic as long as you follow the instructions. Clearly, this outdoor fixture can provide a mixture of a unique outdoor experience and a taste of what an eventful evening activity you can accomplish when done together with family and friends.

Propane fire pit tables are ideal for warming the back yard.  Despite the fact that they do this by means of a fire flame, they are safer to use in comparison to wood burning fire pits which pose environmental hazards such as accidental bush fires especially during the dry seasons.  Anyone with an ample back yard and would like to turn it into a cozy location to relax would benefit greatly from this item.  What sets is part from a barbecue is the fact that while it is built for outdoor use with all the safety factors considered, barbecues are usually designed for outdoor use without the accompanying safety features.

In terms of design, the tables feature raised frames that accommodate the fire ring.  The tank containing the propane is attached to the frame by way of a pipe.  It is worth noting that there are enclosed designs which feature various styles.  Here are a few of the models that you are most likely to come across in the market and a brief description of their features.

The Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel is a large propane fire pit that comes with a stunning design.  Its porcelain/steel bowl is surrounded by a dazzling blend of slate and marble.  It has a burner made of cast iron which gives it a classic touch.  It is easy to assemble and comes with a propane tank capable of holding 20 pounds of gas.  This outdoor fire bowl is capable of generating 40,000 btu’s or British Thermal Units.  This is more than enough thermal energy to keep a group of friends or family cozy for the evening.  Its control panel is user friendly and is cleverly disguised from view. It costs anything from $499 to $599 and has a traditional wooden feel to it.

Another popular fire pit table is the Camp Chef Del Rio copper patio fire pit gas propane.  It is pretty huge with a tremendous capacity of generating warmth and power.  Just like the Blue Rhino, this propane fire pit table also comes with a propane tank for outdoor use.  It has an authentic outdoor appeal with several lava rocks at the center.  The fire ring is made of copper and has a dazzling look to it especially when the frames are on.  Despite its size, this fire pit table is very light in weight.  Once installed in a backyard or patio, this fire pit table delivers an unmistakable elegant touch to these areas.  It comes complete with a durable cover for outdoor use, a gas line and a regulator.

The cliffstone design of the Bond 65054 Cliffstone Outdoor Propane Firebowl offers a marked departure from the two models discussed above.  This propane fire pit table resembles a chimney stack.  Its impressive height ensures you enjoy your fire at a better height than the other fire pits.  It is capable of 30,000 British Thermal Units.  It has a resin base and a marble top.  The ignition is state of the art push-button.


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