Masonry Outdoor Fireplace: Everything You Should Know Before Going for One

Outdoor masonry fireplace imparts a traditional and classic ambiance as well as a warm atmosphere to any outdoor area; making them a great addition in backyard, garden, pool area or patio.

Although masonry fireplace is expensive to build and quite costly to maintain, many families still invest to have a masonry fireplace because of its unequal beauty and charm that makes family and friends gathering even more memorable.

Traditional outdoor masonry fireplaces are composed of a footing, firebrick-lined firebox and a stone chimney. A masonry fireplace still need a chimney so that the fireplace can take hot fumes and smoke away from the people gathering round it.

You need a highly skilled mason to create a durable and beautifully constructed outdoor fireplace. The common materials utilized in building a masonry fireplace is brick and sandstone. Such fireplace can be designed using various natural materials like natural sandstone, volcanic pumice stone and elegant marble. This masonry structure makes it strong enough to stand against rain and snow.

The outdoor masonry fireplace is usually accentuated with matching stones or flat pieces of rock that are manually arranged to come up with an extra-ordinary design. Many masonry fireplace designers nowadays likewise use Robinson rock which is also a natural stone. Outdoor fireplace with Robinson rock depicts stylish but classic outdoor fireplace.

And with the modern advancement in technology, there are several manufacturers nowadays that fabricate pre-engineered fireplace system. This new outdoor masonry fireplace system is easier to build and can be completed faster that building a traditional masonry fireplace.

The pre-engineered fireplace system also cost cheaper than hand-built, brick and mortar masonry fireplace structure. This gives homeowners a more practical alternative in building their dream masonry fireplace. Further more, the pre-engineered masonry fireplace is casted from same masonry material; hence, it will not rust even after long period of time.

The outdoor masonry fireplace is normally a wood burning fireplace; but you have an option to build one that is designed to use natural gas or electricity. The option is yours to decide because nothing beats the natural flame and smell produced by burning woods but when you go for gas or electric powered fireplaces, you will never spend time gathering firewood and cleaning ashes again.


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