Patio Fireplace

Patio fireplace is a free standing enclosed fireplace that has an attached chimney to release the smoke being emitted from the fireplace. Such fireplace makes use of firewood or logs but modern construction of patio fireplaces is designed to produce fire using natural gas, propane or electricity.

Patio fireplaces, like any outdoor fireplaces are highly popular in the United States because it allows people to utilize the patio even in spring and fall season. Such fireplace can be also utilized to cook some food or roast fish or a slab of meat. Two of the outdoor fireplaces that can be installed or used in the patio are the Chimenea fireplace and the fire rings.

Chimenea fireplace is known as the Mexican outdoor fireplace. This outdoor fireplace is characterized by rounded base and high slender chimney. Chimenea fireplace can be either made from clay or cast iron. Clay Chimenea fireplace looks great but it should not be moved from one place to another very often as moving it frequently may cause the fireplace to crack.

The fire rings fireplace is the most affordable outdoor fireplaces that can be used in patio. The fire ring is composed of a cast iron ring without a bottom. You burn woods inside the ring and this fireplace must be placed just near the patio and not inside it.

The design of patio fireplace is usually matched to the theme of patio. Designers usually make use of the same material for patio walls and patio fireplaces. Brick patio fireplace looks great for patio that is constructed from brick. A well-designed patio fireplace adds elegance to any patio that makes it cozy and warm for big group assembly or over night family gathering. But whatever the fireplace design is, just be sure that the patio fireplace is placed in brick or concrete flooring and that it should provide an easy access for burning the wood and keep the fire going.


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