Home waste disposal is one of the major environment concerns as a variety of waste is produced from homes. This is a great place for your home recycling containers and curbside recycling bins. Most of the waste produced from homes consists of organic waste, plastics, cans, papers and polythene. While most waste materials are thrown into conventional waste containers, there is a lot that can be easily recycled. The recyclable waste from the house can be collected in Outdoor containers and sent to the local recycling station. Here are a few tips that you can follow to reduce the amount of garbage produced in your home and practice recycling:

• Kitchen waste can be used as manure after they have been left in compost pit. By using the kitchen waste in a productive manner you can reduce the burden on the sewage and garbage department of your city.
• Any old and broken electrical items can be repaired and used in the house. Any item that is irreparable can be sold off as junk or sent for recycling to a recycling station.
• The wrapping papers on the gifts can be re-used for wrapping other gifts instead of throwing them in garbage.
• While sending plastic bottles for recycling make sure that the bottles are clean as this prevents any animals or insects getting attracted to the smell of food.
• Send all the waste papers, junk mails, paper bags, magazines and newspapers for recycling.
• The ice cream and yoghurt plastic containers can be used in the kitchen to store biscuits and candies. These containers can also be used for storing small toys and crayons for the kids.
• Make sure that the batteries in the toys, flashlights and cell phones are recycled as throwing these batteries with the garbage can harm the environment.
• Always use a cloth bag to carry groceries and avoid taking plastic bags from the shops as these bags are difficult to recycle.
• Buying goods made from recycled material can help in reducing the burden on the environment and giving a boost to the recycling industry.
• Collect all the tin cans in the house and crush them with a can crusher before sending them for recycling as this saves space and time at the recycling centre.

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