Russia and the United States recovery scrap its nuclear disarmament in the nuclear fuel for power generation

U.S. civilian nuclear reactor fuel to generate electricity, accounting for 45% of Russian nuclear materials

The United States and Russia on reducing nuclear weapons, but also nuclear material recovery plan in private talks

This is a deal between the two countries are satisfied to better facilitate the achievement of nuclear disarmament

Your appliance electricity from? According to the U.S. “New York Times” reported today the United States, nuclear power, there are accounts for 10% of total electricity generation comes from dismantled nuclear weapons materials, which were also from Russia’s nuclear bomb.

Nuclear fuel for civilian happy to see the two countries

Since the Cold War, the Russian nuclear industry has also been considerable progress. But few Americans know that in the past 20 years in the decommissioning of nuclear disarmament, nuclear weapons, nuclear power has become a major source of industrial raw materials. Supply of raw materials of these nuclear power generation has now accounted for 10% of total U.S. electricity. By comparison, hydroelectric power accounted for only 6% Solar Energy , Biomass, wind and geothermal energy combined accounting for only 3%. Government to promote the little things we may feel awkward: the missile was aimed at their homes, light their homes has now become the power of raw materials.

But the Russian Bank for Reconstruction and analysts, the nuclear industry expert Marina? Nemcova said, “This is indeed a very good source of raw materials.”

Recycling nuclear material the former Soviet Union accounted for the major U.S. market share of low-enriched uranium. According to nuclear industry, nuclear energy, raw materials Trade Organization, Association data shows that this fuel in nuclear reactors in the United States, Russia’s nuclear materials accounting for 45%, while only 5% of their nuclear bombs from the United States.

According to the agreement after the Cold War, the two countries have thousands of nuclear bombs to retire rich in the core of nuclear weapons material into fuel for civilian nuclear reactors. In the U.S., this agreement is considered an important means of preventing nuclear proliferation, especially to prevent the management of loose nuclear materials in Russia and raw materials wastage.

In Russia, can ensure that fissile nuclear material safety issues, the government there is also considerable controversy. The deal was seen as a Russian nuclear disarmament to the United States can not go back on the guarantee issue.

Talk about nuclear weapons is also cut fuel transactions

Now the nuclear industry is planning to use a lot of greenhouse gas emissions of nuclear power alternative to coal, the decomposition of the core fuel dilution Russian nuclear warheads, “trillion tons and MW” program to shift in 2013 expired. How to find alternatives to the plan also was put on the agenda.

This also means that if the United States and Russia in this December 5 agreement on strategic arms reductions to reach a new agreement, then the potential power of raw materials will follow.

Although the nuclear industry, the number of retired warheads and high-enriched uranium, plutonium, and there is no direct correlation between the number, but because some arms reduction agreements related to the possession of nuclear weapons and the means of delivery, the number of restrictions, there is no agreement nuclear core requirements related to the destruction, then nuclear warheads into nuclear energy can be used.

This summer, U.S. President Barack Obama with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has the number of nuclear bombs and delivery vehicles have basically reached a consensus, motor vehicles will be limited to 500 ~ 1000, reserved up to 1500 warheads. The United States has 2,200 nuclear bombs, Russia 2800, the majority of cuts will be recycled warheads were used to generate electricity.

An American diplomat and the federal nuclear agency official in Washington confirmed that the two countries are also conducting a separate negotiations??? Continue to dilute the work of Russian highly enriched uranium-related program. In the “trillion tons of for-megawatt” agreement expires, how to use some or all of the raw materials from dismantled warheads as the focus of both parties. The relevant government departments can not open the negotiations on the details.

Uranium enrichment research, which tracks pricing UX Zixun CEO Jeff? Cobbs clear that, substitute “megatons for megawatt” program may be “HEU-2 program (highly enriched uranium -2).” According to the plan in the amount of nuclear material involved, he said: “You absolutely can it (the United States and Russia reduce the nuclear arsenals of weapons) as two very rich uranium ore.”

Several competing companies are getting nuclear material

Of the last century from the 90’s Energy From out of the U.S. Department of enrichment is a protocol specified import of nuclear materials from Russian institutions. Import treatment, which then sold the fuel to market power station.

Since the “trillion tons of for-megawatt” since the signing of the agreement, the United States there are many companies in the operation of the nuclear fuel. Such as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, will benefit from sufficient nuclear fuel to enter the market. Because the abundant supply of lower market prices, giving the company’s customers and shareholders have brought benefits.

The nuclear industry giant French company Mui Fa-Group, U.S. companies and nuclear fuel enrichment services company, Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company Luosituomu are all recycled raw materials are getting weapons, because they also need new business to maintain their business .

After the United States arms reduction projects into small civilian nuclear energy, which is obviously not as a “trillion tons for megawatt” program alternative, but can be alleviated to some extent the increasing Energy Needs. Tennessee nuclear fuel company since 2005 provided by the Government on the working dilution of 217 tons of uranium. So far, the company has diluted 125 tons, all of the Tennessee Valley power station to generate electricity as raw materials.

U.S. plutonium recycling program is being implemented. In Southern California, the Department of Energy Savannah River Basin is a land, the construction of a plant are being used to dismantle the U.S. nuclear arsenal in the warhead. Workers from these warheads in a type of plutonium can be extracted, for the manufacture of a mixed oxide fuel type, and the fuel will enter the market in 2017. Moreover, there are 34 tons of nuclear fuel in the ground waiting to re-use, its power generated is expected to meet the 1 million U.S. households 50 years of supply.

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