Try These Incredible Decoration Ideas for Your Corner Fireplace

Having a fireplace in the house has its advantages. Aside from its primary function of warming the room, it also adds aesthetic value to the interior of the house. Most houses today have no fireplaces or electric fires installed.

Maybe one of the reasons why some people choose not to build a fireplace is because of the vast amount of space that it occupies. Practicality suggests that the space being occupied by fireplaces can be used for more important things.

In the olden days, fireplaces were a common sight in people’s homes. Warming the air and people’s hearts, a fireplace was usually built together with the house, included in the plans from the beginning. Then, times changed and new ways to heat the home came into use, causing the hearth to be forgotten.

Houses also became smaller in size and building a fireplace would have meant a waste of space. It wasn’t long, however, before people started feeling nostalgic about the sight of the embers glowing on cold winter nights, casting long shadows in the room.

But is that worth sacrificing so much space in the middle of your room?

Well, who says the fireplace has to go in the middle? Corner fireplaces are often a much better solution.

So Many Reasons Why

There are several reasons you might opt for a corner fireplace. The most obvious one is that a corner fireplace doesn’t take up such a large area of the room.

When you install a fireplace, you’ll want to have seats around it too, so that you and your family or guests can enjoy it better. Placing the fireplace in the corner gives you more freedom in the arrangement of the furniture.

Another good reason for opting for a corner fireplace is that it can make an otherwise inconspicuous corner much more visible and attractive. Add to this the original touch it will give to your room, and you might consider a corner fireplace even if space does allow you to choose a centrally positioned one as well. A corner fireplace simply makes everything less square.

Decorating the Corner

corner fireplaceThough no longer physically central, a corner fireplace can still be the heart of your room. You can use the mantelpiece for displaying your favorite photos or collectibles. Since a corner fireplace is in the corner, you can arrange your knickknacks and collectibles in a “V” array — just let your imagination go.

Choosing a Fireplace

There are many companies that build fireplaces according to their customers’ specifications. Before you decide on a model, it’s a good idea to check the designs displayed in online catalogs and at these manufacturers’ stores.

That way, you can be sure to choose the fireplace that best complements your room and its furnishings.


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