Vogelzang Wood Stove Reviews

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Vogelzang TR001 EPA Defender Wood Stove Review

If you’re the kind of a person who loves coil back at home on cold winter days as you enjoy the warmth and crackling sound of fire and the smell of harmless smoke, a Vogelzang wood stove might be just what you need.

A wood stove needs a bulk of logs and a chimney to let the smoke out. Unlike fireplace inserts, stoves are quite affordable, portable, and easy to install.

But when it comes to buying on, it can be quite tricky. With several choices to consider, it might take you ages to get the stove of your choice. Fortunately, we dedicated our time to review one of the best wood stoves in the market: Vogelzang TR001 EPA Defender Wood Stove. We read both amateur and professional reviews to ensure this is the right device for you.

The EPA Defender wood stove boasts of elegant design. The device efficiently heats up to 1,200 sq. ft. It generates up to 68,000 BTUs which helps the stove to burn for several hours, keeping your family and friends warm for long. The cast iron feed door is fitted with a large ceramic glass door 14.5 x 8 inches that give you a spectacular view of the fire.

When it comes to durability, the wood stove is made with heavy-gauge plate steel with firebrick for stability and durability. In addition to its elegant design, the stove has four adjustable legs for easy positioning and stability.

Salient Features of Vogelzang TR001 EPA Defender Wood Stove

Getting the right device means going to a greater length of ensuring the product is equipped with the right features. Here are some essential features you’ll find in this beautiful wood stove by Vogelzang.

Firebrick Lining

The Vogelzang TR001 EPA Defender Wood Stove is equipped with unique firebrick lining. The firebricks are engineered wit withstand extreme temperatures. The lining also protects the sides of the steel of the stove to enhance your stove’s durability and make it last longer.

More so, the fire brick has a low thermal conductivity which means that heat will not pass through to the steel side of the stove. Instead, it gets reflected the firebox for hotter and more efficient burning.

It means this stove will generate and release enough heat to warm the room during winter months. Although firebricks are strong, they will eventually- at some point- break down. If you happen to see cracks, it’s time to replace it.

Cracks will let the heat from the firebox escape exposing the steel side of the stove to extreme temperature, making it susceptible to damage. It can also be dangerous especially to families with kids and seniors.

Glass Door

The TR001 model is engineered with an elegant glass door which has a curvy design to cover the full front face of the stove. The door is made of cast iron, and it gives the product a finished look. When you’re not using the stove, the glass door hides some messy look of the previous fire. It’s elegantly designed to blend perfectly with your home décor.

The door reduces dangers related to burning logs in an open area. It serves as ina great protective barrier that prevents the sparks from escaping the firebox which might lead to injuries and some extent leading to fire outbreak. Remember some woods might shoot sparks which might also cause injuries to you, your family or guests. That is why having a glass door is quite essential. It also improves energy efficiency due.

Elegant Design

The first thing that will strike your eyes about TR001 is its sleek design which is beautiful, classy, and functional at the same time. The device is appealing, and the blend of all these features improves efficiency and enhance durability. The glass door made of cast iron is not beautiful but durable as well.

The heavy gauge steel plate makes the model strong and durable. Although it’s not a huge wood stove, its design does not interfere with its functionality and efficiency.

Its elegant design allows you to place the piece at the center of your home which will bond g perfectly with your home décor. If you want to host a gathering in your house, you can place the stove in the middle to ensure the heat gets distributed evenly. It does not only generate massive heat, but it will also catch the attention of your guests.

Impressive Efficiency Rating

The efficiency of a wood stove is an essential indicator that shows the amount of fuel used and the percentage that will be wasted. Initially, conventional stoves used to have a large amount of wasted heat due to poor designs. Luckily, technology advancement has seen the manufacturing engineering stoves with a high-efficiency rating.

In this case, the TR001 has an efficiency rating of 75%, which is quite impressive,  excellent rating considering the stove uses logs in their natural, basic form. Its design allows heat transfer due to the three great inlets for maximum combustion. The stove can also burn creosote effectively.

Great Vent Design

The vent system of the TR001 which is connected to its chimney is excellent. It’s designed in a way you can use any existing chimney, but it should be cleaned thoroughly before using. The stove is designed with an assurance of efficacy in heat transfer. It comes with a vent which should be attached to the chimney. This is vital in because it allows the supply of the air required for the entire heating process. The vent design is one of the most well-thought engineering brilliance by the manufacturer.


When it comes to finding the right wood stove, you should first consider its durability. The durability can be simply confirmed by the material used in making the stove, its design, and even reading reviews from the previous clients.

In this case, the TR001 is built of heavy gauge steel plate, meaning it can last for up to 40 years. However, you should handle it carefully to prolong its life. More so, you can expose the stove to different types of fire.

EPA Certified

The first feature you should check before buying a wood stove to ensure EPA fully certifies it. The EPA certified stove means the stove’s emission has met the rules and regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means the TR001 burn cleanly and efficiently. It burns completely to give you maximum head and less smoke in the provided logs.

However, the efficiency of the wood stove will depend on the logs used. Substandard woods affect the effectiveness and lower the heat output. Therefore, ensure you use high-quality wood to save you fuel, time, resources, and money.


  •         The TR001 is an EPA certified stove which makes it an eco-friendly device due to low emissions
  •         It has a heating capacity of 1,200 square feet ideal for a large house with 68,000 BTUs which make it burns for several hours
  •         Comes with sturdy, adjustable legs for durability, easy positioning, and stability
  •         The ceramic glass door-made of cast iron-gives you a perfect view of the fire
  •         It has a firebrick lining to withstand extreme temperatures


  •         The price is on the higher end
  •         Hard to install
  •         It can be a little messy when adding logs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the rust on it?

Since the top is not rust-resistant, you might experience a few moments of rust. When this happens, you will need to sand the stove down and then paint it with quality, high-temperature stove paint.

Is it possible to heat water on top of this wood stove?

The TR001 is designed with firebrick lining with an optional blower. The firebrick lining won’t allow the stove to get hot on top. Therefore, it might not heat water.

What is the maxim size of logs can you use?

The maximum length of the log is 17-inches. However, the stove firebox doesn’t accommodate many logs. You will have to keep on adding wood which might be a little bit messy.

Do the legs come off?

The TR001 is certified and explicitly designed for use with legs on it. Once you remove the legs, you’ll be using it inappropriately which could void your warranty. More so, the pan area is not engineered to support the weight of this wood stove.

What does the package contain?

These are the items you will get upon the purchase:

  •         One unit of the TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove
  •         An optional blower
  •         A chimney
  •         Four adjustable legs and
  •         An instruction manual

The instruction manual enables you to operate the stove effectively.


To get the right amount of heat in your room or house, you have to get the right device. And we believe TR001 is one of those devices that will give you the value for your money. It’s loaded with several great features which make it stand out among several options in the market.

The stove is designed for rooms and homes ranging between 1,000 and 1,200 square feet. It boasts of 75% EPA rating with impressive 68,000 BTUs heat capacity. It’s durability, effectiveness, and other salient features will give you the real value for your money.

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