Towards World-War? Russian Uranium to Iran:
Method in Russian Madness? Iran Now Ready to
Strike, Stack USD to survive in a world struck by

You do not need to decipher Nostradamus to conclude that the
biggest disaster may just be around the corner for the human
civilization with Russian delivery of enriched uranium to Iran
ostensibly for power generation but a good part of which is
clandestinely going to be diverted for Iranian n-weapons very
soon (may be a month or so.)

The only issue remains to be seen is whether the west waits for
Iran to assemble the nukes and strike first or the western powers
including Israel launch an anticipatory strike on Iran followed by a
punishing strike on Russia and China who by their proliferation
activities have helped the fundamentalist Islamic regimes like Iran
and Pakistan gain access to fission material and weapons of mass
destruction aimed at annihilating the western civilization.

Needless to say the only currency that would survive this nuclear
holocaust is the USD. Thus investors would do well to acquire USD
as well as properties in the US, Canada, New Zealand etc.

The international community particularly USA, have created much
ado about the Iranian Nuclear Program. Ironically the humble
beginning of the same was initiated under the counsel of USA in
the early 1950’s as a part of the ‘Atoms for Peace’ program. This
was temporarily arrested after the Iranian revolution of 1979, but
resumed soon after without much Western assistance.

Iran has come a long way ever since. With the first Russian
delivery of fuel for the pressurized water reactor at Bushehr, the
enrichment of Uranium is again under the scanner. Despite NIE
reports suggesting that the nuclear weapon program was halted
in fall of 2003 and its status remained the same till mid-2007, there
is an air of distrust about the Gulf nation’s intentions.

Because it is a signatory to the NPT since 1970 (alongside CWC
and BWC), Iran obviously doesn’t boast of a recognized nuclear
arsenal. But, while lower levels of enriched fuel can be used for
civilian energy generation, higher levels are used for the
production of WMD. Also, the spent fuel from a nuclear reactor can
act as fissile material for a bomb. A timeframe of another 8 years,
around 2010-2015 would be enough to create the requisite amount
using only nuclear waste.

As of 2006, Iran’s energy requirements were satisfied with a 75%
contribution from natural gas, 18% from oil and 7% from hydro
plants. Nuclear Energy accounted for nil power generation. The
reformist and populist agenda of the Iranian government has time
and again insisted that the ongoing production is solely for civilian

The UNSC sanctions have not deterred the Iranian regime from
their nuclear agenda. The main reason for international distrust
about Iranian intentions is because of the fact that they have concealed
the program in the past. Also, they have been carrying out
surreptitious dealings with AQ Khan, the father of the Pakistani
Nuclear Program. Their inclusion to the select N-Club has stirred
the ambition of other Gulf countries (who decided to take the safer
route and approached the IAEA in Vienna).

This hasn’t gone down well with N-powers, who want to curtail
horizontal proliferation, while not checking their own vertical
proliferation. The fact that Saddam Hussein used chemical
weaponry to win the Iran-Iraq war, where Iran clearly had a
geographic advantage is still fresh in their minds. This could be a
reason for Iran to acquire ammunitions, as countries across the
globe were indifferent to its loss. If these are intended for military
causes, it heralds war and an age of nuclear arms race, not limited
only to the Gulf.

Even if it is intended for peaceful purposes, the past instability in
the region is a clear indication that these armaments can be
misused by internal or external infiltrations.

A third possibility could be the ostracizing of Iran from the
international arena, making way for a war to proclaim peace. But a
war would only fuel an atmosphere of fear and distrust.

‘Hardnosed’ negotiations may be not yield adequate results.
Stifling Iran’s nuclear agenda is the only solution to avoid disaster
in this time frame.