Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove Review

Pleasant Hearth products are known to be sturdy, durable, and high-quality. When it comes to the Pleasant Hearth Pellet stove, it provides excellent energy efficiency and comes at an affordable price. This makes it one of the most reliable pellet stoves in the market.

It’s an ideal unit for mobile home users and small families. Its ergonomic features, affordability, efficiency, and durability are some of the factors that have enabled the stove to receive accolades and positive reviews on online stores like eBay, Amazon, and other reliable e-commerce platforms.

In addition to its excellent heating efficiency, the Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove is lightweight and portable to enable you more to shift it to any room effortlessly.

Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove Reviews

pleasant hearth 1750 sq ft pellet stove reviews

If you have been looking for a reliable pellet stove with impressive heating capacity, easy to operate, and fitted with tons of excellent features, then Pellet Stove by Pleasant Hearth makes an ideal choice.

It comes with outstanding features meant to amaze you in various ways. Enjoy a warm room in cold weather with this stove which has the capability of heating up to 24-40 hours. The features include:

Excellent Heating Capacity

The pellet stove by Pleasant Hearth produces high heat and burn reliably and consistently. It gives you an alternative if you don’t have natural gas.

When it comes to this stove, it boasts of excellent heating capacity. Its British thermal units (BTUs) per hours are 50,000, which is more than enough to warm your room and home. In typical cases, a 1,300 square foot area requires about 40,000 BTUs.

And with 50,000 BTUs, you can expect the stove to heat efficiently and effectively for your family and guests. It can warm more than 2,200 square feet, sufficient enough for a large family.

EPA Approved

When it comes to the cold months of winter, the majority of homeowners usually consider stoves or fireplaces to be a necessity haven. But when it comes to selecting a reliable product, the process can take a toll on you. Some consider durability or price factor.

However, it’s vital to make sure your unit is EPA certified. For this case, Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove has a certification by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The stove takes pride in 85% efficiency rating. It means you won’t need to use a large amount of pellet to heat your room. It also has an emission rating of 0.69g/hr. The combination of EPA certification and high efficiency makes the stove heat effectively and being cost-effective at the same time.

Comfort Control

Operating a pellet stove for the first time can be unnerving. Some are hard to control while others are simple, like Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove. Despite producing sufficient heat to heat your room comfortably than any stove in the market, the product also operates smoothly.

It is fitted with a minimum or maximum control system to enable a novice to have an easy time controlling the heat level. You can operate it comfortably and seamlessly as you have never done before.

There is a 1knob which is designed to help you set the necessary heat level, and the system will work by itself. It’s that simple!

Spacious Pellet Storage Capacity

The Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove is a well-built stove with a capacity of 80 pounds. Its large hopper is an additional advantage which makes it a darling to many.

The stove is designed to store a large amount of pellet which enables the stove to warm your room and house for between 24 – 46 hours. It means your home will be warm for almost two days, non-stop. This also eliminates unnecessary trips to add pellets. You only do it once, and your family and guest will be in warmth for as long as they can.

Automatic Blower

When it comes to a pellet stove, you need an item that will distribute heat evenly and consistently in the entire house. The conventional blower fitted in this stove operates consistently inside the stove to help you get more heat in your home. It uses pellet to produce more and more heat. It’s an economical product where the blower is less noisy to enable you to relax comfortably in your house.

Approved for Mobile Homes

Research shows that there are approximately 40,000 mobile homes across the United States. When we talk about affordable housing, mobile home parks lead in the list.

If you live in a mobile home and you want something that will keep your home park warm, then a Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove might be your viable solution.

This feature makes the stove one of the best versatile units in the market. You can now enjoy your vacation during winter months with Pleasant Hearth stove’s heat. It also occupies small space for convenience.

Great Design

pleasant hearth pellet stove reviews

Well, Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove is designed just like other stoves in the market, but a little tweak makes it a great product. It’s only available in black color which is pleasantly great to accentuate any home décor. It has a vast glass viewing window to give your family and guests an epic view of the fire.

The body is made of sturdy cast iron to enhance its durability. More so, the body is heat resistant for the safety of seniors and children at home. Apart from a durable frame, the manufacturer grants you a decent 5-years warranty to make you enjoy years of unparalleled warmth and comfort.


If you want a stove that is worth every penny, then you should choose Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove. It is easy to clean, lightweight for portability, and impressive heat efficiency. Its 80lb large hopper that produces heat for about 46 hours ensures your stove doesn’t run out quickly.

You can choose to use any type of pellet. But it’s advisable to use high-grade pellets which produce low ash. You’re required to wash the ash pan daily using a vacuum cleaner.


  •         The stove is fitted with an air wash system that maintains high cleanliness of the glass window
  •         It’s made of cast iron to enhance its durability
  •         The unit operates exceptionally well when fueled with high-grade pellet fuel which is known to produce high heat and low ash.
  •         It’s a highly versatile pellet stove which is suitable for large homes, mobile home parks, or for a single-family home
  •         Measuring 31 x 30 x 43.9 inches and weighing 230 pounds, the stoves can easily fit in small place, and you can also load it effortlessly
  •         The stove is easy to control


  •         The blower might be too noisy for some people
  •         Pleasant Hearth should look into some concerns like the stove failing to work after a short while
  •         It’s a pricey unit that might not be affordable to the majority of the homeowners

How Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove Works

pleasant hearth cabinet style 50000 btu's pellet stove

Pleasant Hearth is one of the easy-to-control stoves in the market. To set it up, you pour the high-grade pellets into the given 80 lbs hopper. The burn rate and the size of the hopper enable the stove to operate for about 46 hours on a single load of pellets.

In most cases, the pellets stoves are fitted with an auger. Auger is designed to deliver pellets from the included hopper down to the combustion chamber, and a conventional blower blows the air. The unit does not get too hot to touch which is ideal for families with kids and seniors.

Buying Advice

Today, purchasing an item comes with a single click of “ORDER” button. However, there are many counterfeits products sold by unreliable vendors. This makes it hard to get the right item. We would advise you to get this pellet stove from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Air Wash System?

The airwash technology is a unique system where the air is brought into the combustion chamber via the vent fitted above the glass panel. The fresh air blown downwards creates a unique layer of air which washes the glass all the time.

Will 2,000 sq. ft. Heat the Entire Home or Just a room?

The 50,000 BTUs is a lot of heat. However, it will depend on how well your house is insulated.

Can You Burn Paper Products?

No. This stove is specifically designed to use pellets.

Is it necessary to get a fireproof mat underneath the stove?

The Pleasant Hearth Stove is designed in a way that it cannot get hot outside. It’s, therefore, unnecessary to incur extra costs buying a fireproof mat. It’s totally safe especially for families with children.

Is it possible to get the parts of this stove?

The parts of this stove are readily available on the manufacturers’ website.


Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove is one of the products that provide impressive functionality and comes at a competitive price. It’s a durable stove designed to keep your family and guest warm during cold months of winter. It requires a small space, and it’s highly efficient. It creates more heat and for long hours using less energy. Above it all, it’s a safe stove ideal for mobile home parks.

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