Wood Burner or Multi Fuel Stove | Why We Love the Multi Fuel Stove

Multi Fuel stoves are basically exactly what you might think they are and this is stoves that actually burn multiple types of different fuels. Stoves have been popular for hundreds of years and previously, people have had coal burning stoves and gas burning stoves in order to keep their homes warm and even cook things. However, one of the big issues in today’s world is the issue of climate change and there are a number of things wrong with stoves in this area. The problem with burning things like wood and gas and oil is that they are fossil fuels and this is something that the planet is quickly running out of. Luckily, multi-fuel stoves have solved this once and for all and they can actually reduce heating bills as well as save the environment.

Multi-fuel stoves are relatively modern and they are stoves that run on a variety of fuels. The great thing about the multi-fuel stoves is that they often run on fuels that are considered to be friendly to the atmosphere as well as being cheap. For example, there are stoves out there that burn things such as waste products including dried corn and wheat as well as pellets that are made from excess wood chips.

This means that you are able to burn products that are essentially free because no- one wants them and you will be able to produce heat out of them. The other great thing is that they are of course multi-fuel stoves. This means that you don’t have to have an endless supply of dried corn or an endless supply of something else because once you run out; there are a number of other fuels that you will be able to use to burn with your stove.

Multi fuel stoves are all the range at the moment and the US is actually promoting these stoves and offering incentives in certain areas for people to buy one. There are many different brands of these multi fuel stoves and they look fantastic as well as being relatively low cost to purchase. You have to remember as well that these stoves will actually save you money because of the fuel that you are burning in them so will reduce your heating bills once they have been purchased. Multi fuel stoves are basically a great, more eco friendly alternative to oil or coal burning stoves.

What are the Cost Implications of a Multi-Fuel Stove?

Multi-fuel stoves are a great way for you to save a bit of money on your heating bills and they are also a great way to help save the environment and do your bit, however, you will have probably wondered exactly how much having a multi-fuel stove installed in your home will actually cost you.

If you have been wondering this and you have been contemplating getting a multi-fuel stove then you really need to find out. The fact is that it won’t actually cost you as much as you might think in most cases and it also means that you will save money by burning more energy efficient fuel once you have one.

Of course, the biggest cost when it comes to having a multi-fuel stove is actually buying the stove. The thing about multi-fuel stoves is that they can vary a lot when it comes to the price of them but you can pick one up for quite a decent price usually. In fact, whether you have a budget of just a few hundred opou8nds or a budget of a few thousand pounds, you will probably be able to get a multi-fuel stove that will serve you well and will be a good buy.

Of course, another thing to note about multi-fuel stoves is that like any other kind of stove, you will have to pay for someone to actually install one for you. This is often the most expensive part of anything you have done as you might already know if you have had a new kitchen or bathroom fitted and the fact that it is a stove will make it a little more expensive. However, the costs are still not too bad and if you have another few hundred pounds, you should be able to get your stove installed by a professional. Of course, you can do it yourself if you have the necessary skills and qualifications.

So, there is one other cost of a multi-fuel stove and that is for your fuel. This will vary a lot depending on what you decide to burn but in most cases, they are a lot cheaper than using electricity and gas to warm your house and therefore, this is actually a great advantage of having one as your initial investment is often recouped in savings within a few years.

New vs Used Multi-Fuel Stove

When it comes to actually purchasing your stove, you will more than likely want to keep the costs as low as possible but there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration even if you are on a budget. The fact of the matter is that you are actually able to buy second hand (used) multi fuel stoves from a variety of sources but you might not know where they have been used and whether they are in good enough condition or not. This is something that you need to really look at when you are thinking of buying one.

Of course, in an ideal world, it would be best to buy a brand new multi fuel stove as these will usually come with a guarantee and will be sure to be safe to install in your home. However, there are often a lot of good discounts to be had when buying used stoves but you need to make sure most of all that they are safe. You should be able to tell from the look of the stove how much it has been used and the type of fuel that it has been burning and before having it installed, you should ask your installer to check that it is safe.

Of course, one of the advantages of buying a used multi-fuel stove is that you are not damaging the environment as much as you are purchasing something that no-one wants any more. This is probably a big selling point if you are looking to get a multi-fuel stove as the multi-fuel stove helps to do this also.

In an ideal world, it would be best to purchase the stove off someone that you actually know that you know will not have a dangerous stove or have been using it too much. This isn’t always the case however and if you are buying them from an online retailer such as on EBay, then you should always check the seller’s feedback and ask if there is any guarantee with the product at all. If their feedback isn’t looking too good, then the chances are that the stove won’t look too good either. Amazon is another place that you should be wary of whether you are buying it new or used.

Which is the Best Multi-Fuel Stove for You?

if you have reached the conclusion that you would like to install one, then you have another decision to make. This decision is what multi fuel stove should you install. This is often something that comes down to a lot of different factors and there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when you are choosing this.

Of course, one of the first things that you will need to think about is the cost of the stove. Stoves that are bigger in size or more economical will of course cost more and depending on your budget for this, it might not be a problem. However, for most people the cost of a stove is something that is very important so it is worth shopping around when you have set your heart on one.

Another thing that is extremely important is the size of the stove. When you are thinking about the size of the stove, you might not have too much choice if you only have a limited area in which to put it, but in this case, you will need to make sure that a multi-fuel stove is a good idea at all. The thing about multi-fuel stoves and any stoves for that matter is that the bigger they are, the more heat they are going to produce. This means that you will need to make sure that your stove is the right size for your room and the area that you are hoping to heat from the stove. There is a formula to actually figuring this out and the best thing to do is to actually ask the stove supplier what sized stove they would recommend for your room size. They should provide you with a good answer and recommend the product that would best suit you.

One last thing that you will, of course, need to take into consideration is the design of the stove. This is often the thing that people put first but it really isn’t the most important. You need to make sure that the stove looks great but also is the right size for your room. There are a lot of different designs out there so finding one to suit you shouldn’t be a problem.

Positives and negatives of burning wood in your stove

One of the options that you will have if you have a multi-fuel stove is the option to burn wood products in order to get your heat.  There are a lot of things that woodfuels will help you with when it comes to burning them in your stove and they have a lot of benefits.

However, there are also quite a few downsides to burning wood in your multi-fuel stove and it really is a case of looking into these to decide whether to use wood as a fuel or not.

Now, the first thing to note is that burning wood in your stove will probably be the most environmentally friendly option that you will have as it really has as little impact on the environment as is possible from burning something.

However, although this is the case, burning wood is certainly not the cheapest option for your stove and it is actually more expensive than both coal and oil. This is where a decision will have to come in. If you have only a little money, you will probably opt for things such as coal and oil whereas if money isn’t a problem and you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, wood is the way to go.

Another thing to note about wood is that it has around half of the calorific value of things like coal and other fuels. This means that if you are using wood to heat your stove, you will probably have to use about double the volume of wood as you would coal which can mean that you are spending more money once again and that you have to stock up the stove more often. Once again, this will depend entirely on yourself whether it is much of a problem or not.

One more downside to burning wood is that it can be quite messy. If you have a chimney, it will need to be swept a couple of times a year at least which can be expensive. As well as this, you need to make sure that you aren’t burning any kind of wood that has been treated with chemicals or that has been painted as this will be harmful to the environment and cause more mess. This means that you can’t burn scrap wood or things like old doors.

Is a Multi-Fuel Stove Right for You?

If you have been looking in to actually purchasing a multi-fuel stove, then you might have asked yourself whether you should really bother getting one or not. You might have wondered what really are the benefits and whether or not it will work well in your home or not. These are all good questions and these are questions that you should get answered before purchasing.

Now, one of the things that you might have wondered about the multi-fuel stoves is whether they really save you money. The short answer to this is yes. This is because multi-fuel stoves are able to run on fuels that are of a lower cost than things like electricity and gas and this means that over the course of the lifetime of the products, you will probably stand to save a few thousand pounds if you use the right fuels.

Another thing that you might have wondered about when it comes to multi-fuel stoves is whether or not they are messy. The answer is that they are of course a little messier than an electric stove but they are not too messy at all. Almost all multi-fuel stoves have an air inlet which will allow the air to enter the fire below the grate. There is also an ash pan that will catch all of the ashes from your fuel and this leads to an easy way to tidy up your stove. So the answer is that of course there will be some mess, but there will not be so much that you can’t handle it.

One other thing you might have wondered is whether you can actually have a multi-fuel stove. The thing about any stove is that you will need a chimney and you will need to have it fitted properly. This will be costly and if you don’t have a chimney, then you can’t really have one. Even if you do have a chimney however, you may need to have it lined otherwise it will need to be swept pretty often. The lining of the chimney is essential if you are burning wood as your main fuel so this will add a little bit to your costs.

The bottom line is that multi-fuel stoves should be right for you if you are looking to save money, have a chimney and want to lower your carbon emissions. In our opinion, the positives of a multi-fuel stove far outweigh the negatives.


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