Best Outdoor Fireplace: Reviews and Consumer’s Guide

Learn about the different types of outdoor fireplaces along with a guide to choosing the right type of outdoor fireplace for your yard or patio.

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time outdoors with your family and friends. Summertime backyard barbecue’s and pool parties are the common outdoor activity when entertaining in the summer months.

By adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard or patio you can add to the enjoyment you receive while spending time outside. Outdoor fireplaces make it possible for you to spend your evenings outside during the summer by adding the warm glow of a fire.

Outdoor fireplaces also extend your outdoor season by allowing you to enjoy your yard and patio long into the fall and winter months, especially if you live in a state or climate with shorter summers.

Since the best outdoor fireplaces can be as simple as a freestanding fire pit and as elaborate as a full scale outdoor fireplace you have many choices to choose from. With this in mind we have pulled helpful information on choosing your outdoor fireplace, safety tips, decorating tips and even activities that you can use when entertaining outdoors.

This information will hopefully help you to make an informed decision when shopping for your outdoor fireplace.

  • Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace

    Outdoor chiminea fireplaces are for the nature lovers who want to enjoy a warm and pleasant night out right in their backyard. Chiminea fireplace is affordable, they will provide a wonderful atmosphere for you and your guests and, most of all they are easy to start, maintain and clean.

  • Outdoor fire pitAmazing stories told in an amazing atmosphere, while having delicious grilled-meals can only be had if you have an outdoor fire pit. Be it small or big, the fire pit will warm up chilly summer nights or crisp summer evening and will transform your backyard in the place where all the fun goes on.
  • Outdoor fireplaces: If you are a fan of picnics, camping and outdoor adventures, then you must be a fan of outside fires. When purchasing an outside fireplace that can give heat and provide a good grill for the entire group, at the same time, you need to think of size, portability and fuel necessities.
  • Outdoor Patio Heaters: The outdoor patio heater is an elegant and practical solution for warmth when you want to spend a classy and intimate evening on the patio of your own home. Small or big, classical or futuristic looking the outdoor patio heater will make all evenings an evening to remember. You can read more patio heater reviews here.
  • Patio Fireplaces: Who doesn’t enjoy a jolly trip outdoors, up to the mountains or down to the lake? Who doesn’t like the overnight camping with tents and a big camp fire? Yet, who has the time to go away every weekend?

For those who cannot go very far from home there is the patio-fireplace option. With a patio fireplace you can recreate the rustic atmosphere you’ve felt at a remote cabin and stay close to home and business at the same time.

Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace for Your Backyard

Don’t let choosing an outdoor fireplace for your backyard be overwhelming. If you want to simply make your outdoor entertaining a better experience, adding an outdoor fireplace is the way to go.

Outdoor fireplaces will serve as a source of heat, as well as a center piece of where you and your friends can gather. It will certainly liven up your outdoor living space.

Two main types of outdoor fireplaces include gas and wood burning. With gas outdoor fireplaces, you’ll never have to worry about the difficulty of starting a fire. One click of a button and your fire will be going.

Other reasons many prefer the gas models over wood burning is you won’t have to put up with smoke, cleanup, or sparks. They’re actually quite safe to use.

The wood burning outdoor fireplace certainly has its advantages, as well. First of all, it’s charm is real. You gather the wood, start a fire, and anxiously await adding the next log. The smoke, while it may be of an annoyance to some, will also help to keep pests away while you’re entertaining. The smell of burning wood is something that adds to the flavor of sitting outside around the fireplace.

There are several styles you can choose and you’ll find that some come equipped with attachable grates for a cooking surface, as well.

You can generally find outdoor fireplaces in a variety of materials, such as clay (more common in the chiminea), aluminum, copper, or cast-iron. If you plan on moving your outdoor fireplace often, you are best to go with a lighter-weight material, such as the aluminum and you’ll find that many have handles and wheels on the back for easier portability.

Choosing the best outdoor fireplace for your patio

The patio should be a gathering place and have comfortable seating for all. However, if you find those chilly nights unbearable on your patio, add a fireplace to your patio for warmth, as well as an improvement to the atmosphere. The fact is the outdoor fireplace can increase the amount of time you use your patio.

Choosing an outdoor fireplace for your patio does not have to be difficult. There are many styles and kinds to choose from and the prices are actually quite reasonable. You should be able to find one to suit your tastes for under $200. Most of them are also portable so if you plan on moving your party from the patio into the further part of the backyard, you can bring your outdoor fireplace along with you.

One of the most popular outdoor fireplace styles for the patio is the modern Mexican outdoor fireplace. Used hundreds of years ago for warmth and cooking, they are now used on patios almost everywhere and they not only add warmth, they add charm. Also called chimineas, you can find these is materials of clay, cast iron, and aluminum. You’ll certainly find one that will match the décor of your patio and you’ll find these relatively low-priced, as well.

Another popular outdoor fireplace for the patio is the fire pit. Generally, the fire pit is a large bowl and may come with or without a chimney. They come in many styles and you can even find them built into the center of a patio table. You can use these for warmth, as well as cooking.

Whichever style of outdoor fireplace you choose for your patio, you’re sure to find that you’ll enjoy it immensely. Safety is always top priority, however, so when choosing your outdoor fireplace for your patio, make sure you take the proper safety precautions. This includes keeping a fire extinguisher on hand and never leaving the outdoor fireplace unattended.

Building Your Own Outdoor Fireplace

Building outdoor fireplaces is very challenging and exciting. Who doesn’t love a nice warm evening when the chill seizes? Anyways, it is not such a difficult process- this article gives a brief procedure and tips for building an outdoor fireplace.

Steps for Building Outdoor Fireplaces

Here are some simple, easy to follow instructions-

• First and foremost, site for building the fireplace should be selected. Care must be taken when choosing the site- have to check whether any government law prohibits building a fireplace, if not then you can go ahead.
• Position the place in such a manner that it has to be far from any inhabitants, houses, etc for safety purpose.
• Later on, the site should be cleared away from unwanted weeds and other plantings. At this point you might want to invest in a leaf vacuum to make the work easier. The location has to be made ready for the fireplace by adding some tiles for border and cinder block for platform.
• Pre-fabricated fireplaces are best feasible option when safety and security is the criteria. Moreover, it is easier and less risky than the conventional fireplaces. This should be erected by following the instructions given on it.
• How can you forget a chimney pot after all these? Greater the height, better will be the efficiency.

Few Final Things…

Last but not the least, the finishing touch can be added according to individual taste and talent. Finally, you need to test the fireplace before you enjoy the warmth.

Building outdoor fireplaces has become a lot easier with this easy set of instructions and you can always use pre-fabricated fireplaces to reduce your share of pain.

Choosing A Safe Place For An Outdoor Fireplace

Before beginning construction, your first step should be confirming that an outdoor fireplace is allowed in your area.

Many municipalities have rules and codes that will determine if the fireplace you have in mind can be built in your neighborhood.

After receiving the okay for construction, the next step in building an outdoor fireplace is to determine a safe location. An outdoor fireplace should not be located close to any existing outbuildings or your home.

Once you have chosen several possible sites, go outside and look up. You should be able to see clear sky. There should be no utility lines or low hanging tree limbs over the selected area.

Next, stand in what you think would be the center of the fireplace. Allow your eyes to do a full 360 degree search of the area. All trees and shrubs should be at least six feet from the center in all directions. Grasses, flowers and any other botanicals should be removed from the immediate area surrounding the location.

Your next consideration should be fire safety, especially if you have a family with children. Can the area be enclosed to prevent anyone from getting too close? Children are fascinated by fire and it only takes turning your back for a moment for an accident to happen.

Choosing the materials to use in your fireplace is your next consideration. It is recommended to use either stone or fireproof brick. Depending on your area, stone can sometimes be reclaimed from old houses being torn down or from construction sites. It is not recommended to use reclaimed brick.


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